About Us

Our clients have experienced the expertise and commitment that we bring to every project by consistently putting together the right team of specialists. Our precision estimating systems, CAD systems, automated cost accounting systems and project management systems are our strength.

Our team is supported by these comprehensive integrated systems which enable complete project tracking, including cost, man power schedule and material delivery.

  • POWER EN QUEST SERVICES PVT LTD provides state-of-the-art technology solution with a competitive edge to the advantage of its Clients.
  • POWER EN QUEST SERVICES PVT LTD can install and maintain a wide variety of advanced systems to meet the critical and special needs of its Clients in the field of uninterruptible power supply schemes, energy management systems, The complex power quality requirements of data/computer center.
  • POWER EN QUEST SERVICES PVT LTD has the proven ability and expertise that architects and engineers depend upon.
  • POWER EN QUEST SERVICES PVT LTD delivers high quality service and has earned reputation as a well-managed dependable company. The underlying elements contributing to our reputation for excellence are a superior safety record, secure pricing supported by very prudent and proven management practices, an extensive record of on-time performance and POWER EN QUEST SERVICES PVT LTD behaves as a reliable team player with its Clients.
Our Focus
  • Providing turn key electrical solutions using core technologies and innovation to reduce cost and deliver quality services.
  • To provide a "Safety First" work culture that protects the lives and health of employees and other persons. Prevent damage to property, materials, supplies, and equipment; avoid work interruptions; and encourage a drug and alcohol-free working environment.
  • Committed to a quality work keeping in mind of safety and economy.
  • We would like to be team leaders with the clients instead of mere business partners.