Substation Designing

I. Switch Yard
  • Switch yards of various types of switching schemes and finalization of single line diagram.
  • Survey and investigation of land, considerations of orientation of lines and taking out block levels.
  • Formation of site plan/plot plan for most economical finished grade levels
  • Finalization of switch yard plan and cross section.
  • Detailed bill of quantities for all equipments and materials
II. Technical Specifications
  1. Preparation of technical specifications with all parameters and references for all IS/IEC standards for equipments and materials
    1. Circuit breaker, isolator, instrument transformer, lightning arrestors, power transformer etc involving;
      • Sizing of the equipment
      • Various electrical parameters like BIL, short time current capability, continuous current rating etc.
      • Method of construction.
    2. Control and Protection Panels
      • Type of main schemes and back up schemes for protection schemes
      • Type of control schemes
      • Formation and type of panels
      • Measurements of parameters
      • SCADA compatibility and type
      • Design of cable schedule and method of laying
    3. Auxiliary Systems
      • Battery and charger-sizing of the equipment based on the measurement and protection devices, configuration of charger and DC distribution board.
      • AC distribution board/panels–sizing and configuration feeders and scheme.
    4. Switch Yard Materials
      • Steel structures – Design and configuration of columns & beams , design of equipment support structures
      • Bus bars-Type of material viz., aluminum pipe, AAC or ACSR conductor, sizing based on power handling capacity and mechanical strength
      • Insulators- Configuration based on electrical properties and mechanical strength
      • Clamps & Connectors- Configuration and types
      • Control and power cables – Sizing, selection of type of cable and insulation
  2. Preparation of technical specifications for all works both civil and erection of sub-station
  3. Preparation of technical specifications for testing and commissioning.
Control Building
  • Configuration with dimensions
  • Design of foundation and super structure.
  • Foundation details for various equipments
Civil Works
  • Design of economic levels
  • Design of foundations viz., for power transformers, station structures equipment support structures etc.
  • Design of cable duct
  • Design of drainage system
  • Design of roads & associated culverts
Lightning Protection
  • Selection of type of protection
  • Configuration
  • Design of illumination levels for switchyard and control building.
  • Design of type of luminaries and location.
  • Design of supports for luminaries.
Procurement of Equipments/Materials
  • Obtaining vendor approval
  • Floating the tenders and finalization
  • Obtaining approval of drawings
  • Arranging inspection and supplies to site
  • Erection of station structures and equipment support structures and equipments like power transformer, circuit breaker, isolator etc.
  • Laying of earthmat and connecting earthmat to equipments and structures.
  • Formation of Bus- Main and jack Bus.
  • Connecting Bus to equipment and inter equipment connection
  • Formation of cable duct, drainage and roads
  • Construction of control building and erection of indoor equipments
  • Laying of cables and termination
Testing and Commissioning
  • co-ordination of various suppliers and getting the equipments tested
  • verification of all connections and terminations
  • commissioning of sub–station

Sub Station